Supporting Seniors’ Financial Success and Continued Independence

As we mature, certain complexities often present new challenges. Are you finding that you need support in managing your finances or assets? Do your aging parents need someone locally who can be trusted to act in their best interests? Do you need an accurate court accounting to help with a trust dispute?

As the only CPA in the Inland Empire who specializes in working with seniors, our team is committed to helping each of our clients thrive by caring for their personal and financial wellbeing with genuine interest, well-established expertise, and a focus on respectful partnership.



Eldercare &
Financial Care

Helping seniors understand how to make the best choices for their lives and personal situations.


Court Accounting

Providing accounting, documentation and reporting to Trustors, Beneficiaries of the Trust or the Court.


Private Fiduciary

Marcia L. Campbell, CPA is relied upon by many to be responsible to manage the business and financial dealings of a trust, also known as a fiduciary.


Latest Article

Marcia L. Campbell is a contributing columnist for Women on Money and Mindset for The Press Enterprise

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here’s been a lot of talk about cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies, including how much they’re worth and the transactions in which to buy them. What happens, though, when you sell them or use them to buy something? Do you have to worry about taxes?

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