How to Help Charities Receive Contributions

Even though many people are in the giving spirit around the holidays, charities are working year-round to support those who need extra assistance. We’ve shared some ways you can encourage others to get involved not just this upcoming season, but throughout the year.How to Help Charities Receive Contributions

5 Ways to Support Charities During This Holiday Season

1. Share Your Story   

Everyone loves a good story, especially when it comes from the heart. Share on your website or your social media pages about your personal experience with a specific charity, why you are passionate about the organization, and how contributions could make an impact. You can also share these successes with your family members, friends, and business networks. People will often consider others’ recommendations when

 choosing an organization to work with, and positive word of mouth helps build the organization’s reputation organically.

2. Communicate Your Goals

If your goal is to raise $1,000 for a charity, share this target with like-minded people. You can do this by sharing your efforts on LinkedIn or fundraising for a cause on Facebook. As you reach donation milestones, share the updates with your followers. By seeing others take action to help, it can encourage others to get involved too.

3. Encourage People to Volunteer

Donations are not the only way that people can help a charity. You can also encourage others to volunteer their time. Although this option may be more challenging this year due to COVID-19, there are many ways to virtually volunteer and practice safety protocols at these facilities such as continuously washing your hands, wearing face masks, and practicing social distancing. In addition to aiding the charity in helping others, it also shows people how their help makes a direct impact. Once they see all the moving parts, it makes them more passionate about the cause and invested in helping spread the word.

4. Make It Easy to Donate

Even though people may want to donate, they may not know how to do so. To help charities receive more donations, you will want to make it easy to access the donation page. You can do this by sharing direct links to the donation page through e-mail campaigns, social media posts, or through a link on your website. Overall, charities have made it simple to navigate their websites, so it should not be too difficult to navigate users to the right page.

5. Show Leadership 

People love seeing others make a difference in the community. If you set a good example and showcase your passion for a cause, then others will be inspired to follow in your footsteps. The more you can share your stories and pictures, the more likely you will encourage others to help make a difference in your community as well.

Do you want to get involved?

Marcia L. Campbell, CPA is committed to helping the community in any way we can! If you would like to contribute, please make a donation to your charity of choice, volunteer your time, or take charge in helping make our community a better place. This year, Marcia Campbell, CPA is supporting Feeding America. If you would like to help this cause, you can do so here

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