How to Support Local Businesses

With the recent stay-at-home order in effect, it has made it difficult for local businesses to stay afloat. As a community, we need to work together to help these businesses out. How to Support Local Businesses

Since we care about our local businesses, here are some ideas on how you can contribute this holiday season:

  1. Shop local
  2. Order ahead online
  3. Purchase gift cards
  4. Donate & tip
  5. Spread the word

5 Ways to Support Local Businesses this Holiday Season

Shop Local

Although it may be easier to shop online via Amazon or with another retailer, one of the best things you can do for the community is shop local. Many of your favorite local shops have websites that you can shop from even if you aren’t able to physically go to their facility at this time. To show your pride in your community, you should check the websites of your local stores before you consider shopping elsewhere.

Order Ahead Online

For the safety of you and others, we recommend checking to see if you can order online for your items to be picked up in-store or delivered. This is a great way to support the store while keeping store occupancy to a minimum and protecting the health of workers and yourself. 

Purchase Gift Cards

Another way to help out your favorite stores and restaurants is by purchasing gift cards to their locations. This gives them some extra money upfront to help them get by, and it also makes gift-giving much easier when you are unsure of what the person you are shopping for would like. It allows your loved ones to “buy their own holiday gift” this season.

Tip More Often

You can also help your favorite local businesses by giving a little extra. Your purchases may make or break whether these businesses can keep their doors open. The next time you order takeout or get curbside delivery, make it a point to give the worker that helped you a tip. Every little bit goes a long way, and it will be much appreciated by the worker.

Spread the Word

The best way to support your favorite local business is by advocating for it. If you find a place you really like, recommend it to your friends, post about it on your social media, and leave a nice Yelp review about the business to help drive more traffic. Local businesses need our help right now, and we should do whatever we can to help them pull through these challenging times. 

Do you have more ideas on how we can support our local businesses?

Marcia L. Campbell, CPA is committed to helping our community! Many businesses need our help, especially during this holiday season. We want to contribute by helping them get the support they need in any way we can. 

If you have more suggestions on how we can help, please leave a comment. If you would like to get in contact with us so we can help you with your needs, please fill out our Contact Form or give our office a call at +1(951)686-3608.

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