Senior-Friendly Activities for the Holidays

senior-friendly activitiesThe holiday season is in full swing. It’s a time to be around loved ones and enjoy each other’s company. Family and friends of all ages gather around and partake in group activities so that no one is left out, especially seniors. There are several holidays to celebrate at this time of year, but no matter what your family celebrates we have some fun senior-friendly activities that all can enjoy.

Reminisce Through Storytelling

Getting the family or longtime friends together in one room can stir up memories for elders. With everyone all together, it’s a perfect time to share beloved memories with younger family members. Prompt them to ask about a senior’s childhood and discover more about what their life was like when they were young. This is also a good senior-friendly activity for online interactions like phone calls or video calls.

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Write Meaningful Greeting Cards

Stay in touch with family and friends by sending a greeting card during the holidays. This activity can spread cheer and reminds loved ones that you are thinking of them. Even a small gesture can make an impact. Prepare a cup of hot cocoa and sit down with a senior to write out meaningful messages. Quick tip: ensure you have all addresses handy before the activity begins.

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Sing Cherished Holiday Songs

Songs can be a tradition for all families, no matter what holiday they celebrate. Sharing your favorite song or holiday song can bring everyone closer. If loved ones do not know the song a senior wants to share, spend time learning it together. This can be exciting when family members know how to play instruments. However, you can never go wrong with an impromptu drum made from household objects to follow the beat together.

Stroll Through a Decorated Neighborhood

Decorations and twinkling lights can lift the spirit – and you don’t have to do anything but walk outside to find them. Exercise has been on the rise as seniors are coming out of the pandemic, so a walk may be just the activity for everyone. If your neighborhood is quiet this year and you live in the Inland Empire, explore a list of decorated neighborhoods and drive or walk by together. Another option is to head to your favorite mall and take in the holiday decor.

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