Senior-Friendly Activity Ideas for Winter

In the colder months, people often prefer to stay indoors and bask in the warmth of their homes. Rather than stay in all winter, independent seniors and family members seek to find new adventures for the whole family to enjoy. If you need some ideas, we have a list of senior-friendly activity ideas that you can choose from. 

Take a Brisk Morning Walk

Wake your body up by starting your day with a brisk walk. Engaging in physical activity is good for your health and keeps you limber. In southern California, most days are filled with sunny weather conditions. However, if there is inclement weather in your neighborhood, consider staying home to avoid potentially slipping on wet or icy pavement. If you’ve considered becoming more active, read our blog about the benefits of daily exercise in seniors below.

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Bake a New Recipe

On chilly days, you may be less inclined to head outdoors. Another great senior-friendly activity you can try is baking at home. Avid baker or not – winter is the perfect time to bake something to share with loved ones. Find a recipe you’ve always wanted to try and take a crack at it! Best case scenario, you have a delicious treat! Even if it doesn’t work out, you can enjoy the warmth from the oven, and make a cozy cup of coffee or hot chocolate to celebrate your efforts.

Find a New Book at the Library

Reading is a hobby enjoyed by people of all ages. If you’ve exhausted your personal collection at home, venture out to your local library for new titles. Enjoy a trip out and pick up a book at the same time. If you’re not sure what to read next, walk up and down the aisles and choose a book that catches your eye, or ask a librarian to recommend one. A walk to and around the library is a nice way to get some physical activity; reading is a great way to keep your mind sharp.

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Start Spring Cleaning Early

Last but not least, cleaning is a productive senior-friendly activity that will set you up for success. Get a head start on your spring cleaning by organizing your home as well as your important documents. Ensure everything is in the right place before you need it, and you’ll save yourself time and stress down the line. If you have senior financial management resolutions for this year, organizing your financial documents is a great way to start! With tax season around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your tax documents together for your professional CPA.

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