Summer’s Calling: Fun Summer Activities for Seniors to Keep them Thriving!

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Summer is officially upon us, which means it’s time for fun summer activities for seniors! That means you have all the nourishing sunlight and warm breezes you need to help your senior blossom and make the most of their golden years. But what are you doing beyond the usual dinners and visits to make this summer season truly special for them? If you are having trouble thinking of fun things you can do with them, look no further. We are happy to share the most fun activities to keep seniors thriving. So, let’s get into it! 

5 Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Understanding the most fun summer activities for seniors is essential to helping them make the most of this season. From gardening to cooking, here is how you can bring fresh experiences to your senior loved one’s life!

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1. Gardening

Gardening is a fun, healthy way for you and your senior loved one to get your hands dirty, and one of the most fun summer activities for seniors, especially for those who like to be outside. 

Gardening is a physical activity that can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and related forms of dementia, and it also gives your senior loved one access to fresh produce. It is also important to consider that gardening can be a great way to help your loved one maintain a sense of purpose. 

A garden is a low-maintenance responsibility, whether it’s a big garden or a smaller collection of potted plants, that your senior loved one will nurture and care for daily and can make a world of difference in their life by improving their sense of self-worth. 

Many seniors struggle with this after they retire, so it’s a significant benefit.

2. Walking or Hiking as Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Walking and hiking are fun summer activities that also serve as a way to spend time with your senior loved one while ensuring they get the exercise they need. 

Walking strengthens bones, improves mobility, reduces stress, and can help with pain reduction. But it can also give your senior loved one a nice change of scenery. If your senior loved one has mobility issues, we advise finding a calm and enjoyable trail before taking them out.

If your senior loved one is more mobile, a moderate hike could also be a lot of fun. But it is imperative to ensure that your senior loved one can endure a hike! To make the hike less strenuous, you could add activities like birdwatching in the shade to the mix for fun. 

“One thing to remember about long walks or hikes is it’s a great opportunity to talk. This could be a good chance to get some valuable one-on-one time and talk about things more extensively than you have been able to in the past. If you are still in a place where you need to discuss estate planning needs, this could be the perfect opportunity.”

– Marcia L. Campbell, CPA & Fiduciary for the Elderly

Another activity that can get you guys walking is taking your senior loved one to explore local attractions or weekly farmer’s markets, if there are any in your area. Depending on where you live, timing your walks when the temperature cools to watch the sunrise or sunset could also be great!

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3. Swimming or Water Aerobics as Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Getting in the pool is one of the most fun summer activities for seniors that allows them to stay fit while beating the heat. These activities can be fun for the whole family! 

Whether you want to join them in a water aerobics class or simply enjoy a few minutes splishing and splashing in the water, these are great low-impact exercises, particularly useful for seniors with arthritis or stiff joints. 

Water exercises can also increase bone density, help with flexibility, increase muscle mass, and reduce pain, which is crucial for seniors as they age! 

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4. Puzzles, Games, or Arts and Crafts as Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Leisure activities could also be fun summer activities for seniors and a great way to spend some time with your senior loved one this summer. Add a nice, shaded table, a jug of iced tea or lemonade, and their favorite songs humming from a speaker, and it will be the perfect summer day spent together:

  • Completing a puzzle together can be an excellent way to keep your senior loved one engaged, improve their concentration skills, and build their cognitive reserve. Board games and card games could also be a fun way to get their competitive juices flowing. These activities can also lower an older adult’s risk of dementia.
  • Doing arts and crafts could also be an emotionally fulfilling activity you can pursue together. This is a great way for seniors and those with dementia to stimulate their minds creatively.
  • Art therapy also provides your senior loved one with a way to build confidence, focus, and motivation while processing and healthily displaying their emotions. This last benefit could be especially important when they are experiencing significant life changes you don’t feel they are processing. 

Maybe this entails painting every weekend, or perhaps you will have to sign up for a local pottery class. Whatever you decide, this could be a great summer activity for you both! 

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5. Cooking

If your senior loved one was the cook for every family gathering, cooking different dishes could be fun summer activities for seniors that you can try this summer. You can try to cook a new recipe or learn a few recipes from them. Either way, this is a recipe for fun!

Cooking will give your senior loved one a sense of purpose and achievement, and it’s a good way to ensure they are consuming the nutrients they should be with their meals. Plus, learning a new recipe is great for their cognitive health. To find a recipe, consider virtual classes or finding recipes online. 

Still, cooking their favorite dishes could be a good activity, too! Scents and flavors will trigger memories they cherish, and this is an opportunity for your senior loved one to not just share them with you but re-experience some of these fond memories and tell you about them. 

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Summer is the perfect time to create memories with your senior loved one that will last a lifetime. The best way to create these memories is by finding fun summer activities for seniors that you can both enjoy together. You both deserve to fill this exciting life chapter with golden moments, and you both deserve to partner with a professional who provides elder care financial services, and is just as invested in your senior’s happiness and well-being as you are.

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