Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors

Thanksgiving activitiesThanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company. If you are fortunate to be with your loved ones this year, take advantage of it! Whether you are a senior, a caretaker, or a family member, the holidays provide great opportunities to keep your relationships strong with an elder. Consider engaging in senior-friendly Thanksgiving activities that everyone can enjoy.

Here are a few activities that you can do to spark joy in yourself or a senior you love this Thanksgiving.

Senior-Friendly Holiday Decorating

After Halloween activities end, the warm autumnal ambiance of Thanksgiving arrives. The best way to transition into the autumn mood is to decorate your surroundings. No matter what your mobility is like, you have options to make your environment warm and welcoming. Consider waking the senses with cinnamon-scented candles, adding fall-colored trinkets within eye line, or finding a nice, comfy throw blanket for your loved ones when they gather around for Thanksgiving. 

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Go Back In Time with Baked Goods

Food is a staple at Thanksgiving. Dinner may be the king, but dessert is the cherry on top. Another activity you or a senior can try this holiday is to follow an old or forgotten recipe. Eating a beloved treat you haven’t tried in years can transport you to a time when you first enjoyed it. Recreating an old favorite could be the perfect Thanksgiving gift as it may come with a story or two to share. 

If you’re a loved one or child of a senior with Alzheimer’s, this is a great activity to try as you can help stir a memory with a baked good through sight, smell, or taste.

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Relive Moments Through Scrapbooking

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and even in the spirit of the season, people start to feel nostalgic. If you have a pile of photographs that you’ve been saving, now is a great time to bring them out. Spend the Thanksgiving weekend organizing them with friends and family, and recall the moments before the photo was snapped. Fond memories are perfect for sharing around the fireplace or post-Thanksgiving dinner. It may even jog the memories of loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Either way, you are sure to uncover something new.

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