The Cost of Isolation to Seniors

According to Medicare Advantage, “Senior isolation is one of the biggest threats to the health of America’s seniors, while it remains among the most difficult to recognize. It’s a health risk not often discussed, but at least a quarter of seniors over 65 live with it.”The Cost of Isolation to Seniors

Why Does Isolation for Seniors Occur?

The main reasons that senior citizens become isolated are because their siblings and children live far away and/or their spouses and friends have passed away and can no longer help them. As they age, they may become less mobile, limiting their ability to see others and participate in activities.

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What are the Costs of Senior Isolation?

Senior Isolation may cause depression in seniors, but it may also cause them to develop dementia, high blood pressure, malnutrition, or be more at risk for other health issues. By being isolated, they also become more susceptible to senior abuse and more involved in risky activity. They also may not receive proper medical attention in a timely manner, and injuries and illnesses may worsen without the necessary care.

In addition to the decline in their physical and mental health, senior isolation may prevent these older adults from receiving benefits such as Medicare, Social Security, and programs such as Meals on Wheels without the guidance from a family member or a professional who can help them.

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How to Overcome Senior Isolation

The best way to overcome senior isolation is by getting the senior citizen back out there, whether it is physically or mentally, and participate in activities. Encourage them to volunteer, do physical activity, or learn a new skill that will keep their mind active. As long as the senior is active, it will help combat the feeling of loneliness and it gives them the opportunity to meet new people.

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