Top Scams to Look Out For in 2022

top scamsEach year people are conned into sending money or providing sensitive information that puts their finances and themselves at risk. The types of scams that are surfacing this year are targeting people in devious ways, using familiar companies or harassing people to the point of breaking. Learn the top scams that you should look out for this year.


Cash Sharing App Scams

Cash sharing apps like Zelle, Venmo, and Paypal are convenient ways to send money to your friends and family. However, there has been an increase in fraud in these apps from scammers. Typically, fraudsters will text unsuspecting people acting as their bank and have them make electronic withdrawals to another account. Unfortunately, not all transactions can be fixed because the people scammed often give “authorization” – and because consent was given (despite the false pretenses), it’s difficult to dispute.


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Health Insurance Scam Calls

One of the most common types of scams is healthcare coverage calls. Lately, a new scam call claiming to be a limited liability company is harassing people by calling at all hours and from several unknown numbers regarding health insurance. Scammers are attempting to wear people down through frequent calling and saying anything to get money or personal information from you. There are ways to reduce scam calls; however, scammers are ruthless and continue to call from unknown numbers (sometimes from different area codes) despite being blocked on mobile devices.


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Phishing Email Scams

This scam is not new, but has increased during the last year. Scammers are getting clever and posing as familiar companies to trick you into clicking on links. Big names like Netflix, Amazon, and more have been used in email phishing. Common practices used by scammers include claiming rewards or gifts, asking for payment information, or asking for your password. If you have not entered a contest, do not click on any links that offer a reward. It’s also important to note that companies will never ask you for your password or payment information via email.


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