Tax Scams to Watch Out For Post Tax Season

tax scams 2022Tax season is a busy time of year for adults. When it comes to your finances, you want to be certain that you are filing your taxes each year and correctly. Throughout tax season, you may have received notifications or letters letting you know that something went wrong. With fraudsters getting more clever, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Clients at Marcia Campbell, CPA reported several tax scams they’ve come across. Here are some examples of what to watch out for.

Tax Scam Letters

One of the most common methods for tax scams is letters. Scammers do a great job of copying legitimate documents to fool taxpayers. They get away with tricking people because they modify the documents slightly. If you want to verify a notice from the IRS, do not use the information provided on the letter, such as links or phone numbers. Instead, visit the IRS website and check out their IRS Notice or Letter page. It has information about what to expect in a legitimate letter from the entity.

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Fraudulent 1099-MISC Forms

Schemes from fraudsters go as far as asking you to provide a 1099-MISC form. This is a real form used by the IRS to report Miscellaneous Income. While the form is real, scammers use this form to pressure the taxpayer to pay off fake debts by appearing to be a bank, loan service, or mortgage company that previously interacted with them. This is an effort to make the scheme appear real. Be wary of this tax scam. Speak to a tax preparer in California if you have questions.

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Phishing Email Verifications

It might be a surprise, but the IRS does not reach out to taxpayers via email. If you receive an email from the IRS asking you to verify or provide personal information by clicking a link, it is a scam. The IRS does not ask for private or financial information through your digital inbox or text messages. Tax scams will always pressure you to take action, but do your best to avoid getting caught up or seek help.

If you are unsure whether your notification from the IRS is real or not, you can check by visiting Search for the number of the letter, notice, or form number. Next year, you can have your tax return prepared by a CPA for peace of mind.

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