Ways For Seniors To Stay Healthy

As we age, it’s important to take care of all aspects of our lives, from our finances to our physical wellbeing. Staying active is a great way to prevent many health problems that can come with age, and allows us to be less dependent on others for daily activities. Here are a few ways to stay active without overexerting yourself.

Trade The Couch For Calisthenics

Older adults should move more and sit less throughout the day. Whether it’s a walk in the park or stroll through the neighborhood, moderate-physical activity can make a difference. Keep in mind, some physical activity is better than none at all. 

Get A Pet

We know walking is a great way for seniors to stay active, and owning a pet is an easy way to stay motivated. People with pets often walk longer and follow a more regular schedule. This helps keep the joints moving while also getting the added benefits of companionship.

Play In The Dirt

Being outside can do wonders for your mood, and gardening is an activity that can motivate you to spend more time outdoors. A few hours of raking leaves or tending to the flowers can provide the benefits of physical activity.

Go For A Spin

Dancing is a fun way to get the body moving. When people stop using their muscles, they become weak. Dance is a great body strengthener that works both the upper and lower body, as well as the core. This helps improve stability and balance, which naturally declines as we age.

Dive Into Something New

Swimming is another wonderful way to improve your overall health. It works the entire body in a gentle way, which is great for seniors struggling with joint issues. Swimming also works the muscles for improved strength and tone. Whether it’s a lap in the pool or a water aerobics class, a dip in the pool can provide a powerful workout.

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