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Invest time in seniors this season

It is the middle of October, and the holiday season is almost here. Normally the holiday season is a time when families get together for multi-generational activities loaded with traditional family events.

Don’t forget to include seniors in your holiday activities. Encourage seniors to join in whenever possible, but remember to be careful so that they don’t overdo it. Older adults have less energy and stamina, so be on the lookout for signs of fatigue and suggest frequent breaks or even naps.

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Women on Money and Mindset: How will our finances be affected if we move a parent into our home?

Your parent might have had a recent medical problem, is in the beginning stages of dementia, or is perfectly healthy, but tired and lonely. You are considering moving this parent into your home and want to know what things you should be thinking or talking about before you make that decision. Here are a few suggestions:

Your parent might fit into one of three scenarios:

Your parent may be financially independent, active, social, and in great health. He may anticipate that somewhere down the road he will need help so moving in with you is part of his retirement plan.

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Women on Money and Mindset: I’ve signed my estate plan documents.  I’m finally done! … right?

You have accomplished a great goal; one which you have put off for a long time because you had all kinds of excuses for not getting it done.  You also needed to make many hard decisions.

But now it’s done and you can put the big book that you received from the attorney on a shelf and forget about it.  Right?

Unfortunately, there is more work to do to ensure the success of your plan. 

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Women on Money and Mindset: Signs your older parents might need financial help

Adult children are busy with their own families, work, and social life.  Life is a blur and sometimes age sneaks up on everyone.  All of a sudden you are 50 years old and, wow, Mom is 85.  Mom seemed fine the last time you talked to her, but now small things are changing, and you are concerned.

Let’s talk about some signs that might indicate your parents need financial help:

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Women on Money and Mindset: What if my parents don’t want my help?

Many seniors want to hold on to their independence as long as possible, and they definitely don’t want to have their children run their lives.  Add to that issue the fact that they might be experiencing some physical or mental health decline, and then the situation becomes difficult for them to handle.

Most seniors are very independent.  They have always had control of their lives, especially when it 

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