Court Accounting

Providing Accurate and Credible
Trust & Court Accountings

Court Accounting & Trust Accounting

Helping trustees who have been accused of mishandling accounts by preparing probate “financial statements” that show beneficiaries what really happened. A private fiduciary can provide court accounting and bookkeeping services for seniors acting as a grantor, or for private trustees who need help maintaining accurate records.

At Marcia L. Campbell, CPA, we have extensive experience developing precise court accounting for conservatorships, guardianships, estates, and trusts. We are experts at creating balanced court accounting according to the probate code and providing in-depth analysis of the financial details in question.

Trust & Court Accounting Services include:

  • Gathering all relevant financial documents
  • Analyzing accounting details
  • Formatting reports according to the probate code and adhering to any local rules
  • Communicating regularly to keep all involved parties on the same page
  • Serving as an expert witness
  • Reviewing accounting prepared by other firms

Court Accounting

Our team understands that court accounting is strictly mandated, and even minor formatting errors can cause major delays. We provide the objective and reliable court accounting support you need to make the strongest case possible.

Trust Accounting

Helping trustees explain financial transactions with language everyone can understand.

Compiling annual trust accounting can be required for by trust documents or probate code. These formal documents keep each beneficiary informed of the status of the trust accounts and activities. Annual trust accounting is not only required by some trust documents or probate code, but they also provide protection for trustees in the event that a beneficiary contests the trustee’s actions.

At Marcia L. Campbell, CPA, we create accurate and reliable annual trust accounting for our clients to help alleviate the undue stress often associated with the development of these highly detailed documents. Ensure you are protected, and your trust is being handled properly with professional trust accounting support and private fiduciary services.

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