Eldercare Financial Planning

Helping Seniors Maintain Their Independence

Eldercare Financial Planning Services and Help

Maintaining our independence and protecting our financial well-being are often the primary concerns as we age. Trusted partnerships can help.

At Marcia L. Campbell, CPA, we offer the support you need to navigate the road ahead by helping you understand how to make the best choices for your personal circumstances. For some, this may mean handling a specific aspect of their finances. For others, it may mean overseeing their entire financial situation and assisting with the operational aspects of their home. Our services are personalized to meet each of our client’s individual needs. These can range from accounting services for seniors to acting as a professional trustee.

Caring for the Financial & Personal Needs of Seniors

As the most experienced CPA in the Inland Empire who specializes in caring for the financial and personal needs of our community’s seniors, we understand the importance of developing long-lasting relationships and bringing each client into the Marcia L. Campbell CPA family. That is why we emphasize offering an array of financial services for seniors.

Our Eldercare Management Services include:

  • Organizing and reviewing finances
  • Managing day-to-day income and expenses
  • Coordinating with other professionals, such as attorneys, for the client’s wellbeing
  • Providing recommendations for in-home caregivers and other services
  • Helping out-of-state adult children manage their parents’ care and best interests
  • Checking in to remind our clients that they have a partner just down the road

In every interaction, our team acts with integrity and genuine interest. We get to know each of our clients far beyond their names and account ledgers – we get to know their best stories and biggest smiles.

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More Services:

Court Accounting

Providing accounting, documentation and reporting to Trustors, Beneficiaries of the Trust or the Court.

Private Fiduciary

Marcia L. Campbell, CPA is relied upon by many to be responsible to manage the business and financial dealings of a trust, also known as a fiduciary.


Tax Services

Providing tax preparation for individuals and trust, tax planning, and year-end booking for tax preparation.

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