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Easing the Burden of Tax Planning and Filing

Tax Preparation Services

Filing your taxes can be incredibly stressful as an individual, and it only becomes more complicated when a trust or estate is involved.

Accurate bookkeeping and a thorough understanding of California capital gains tax are necessary for anyone preparing taxes. Tax preparation only becomes more imperative over time, as it is not only important to maintain senior independent living, but it is also a matter of preserving one's estate for the future.

At Marcia L. Campbell, CPA, we work closely with our clients to make sure the best decisions are being made in regard to taxes. We help you navigate complex tax laws to ensure a smooth transition of assets and minimize the tax liabilities of your beneficiaries or successors, and when tax season arrives, we guide you through the process of filing the proper individual and trust or estate forms.

We also have specialty in tax preparation services for seniors, as we have worked with many seniors parse through their affairs and their estate. This is why we provide a wide array of tax preparation services, to ensure that you only need one point of contact regarding your finances.

 Our Tax Services include :

  • Tax Preparation (Individual and Trusts)
  • Tax Filing (1040 for individuals & 1041 for trusts and probate estates)
  • Year-end Bookkeeping for Tax Preparation

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More Services:

Eldercare &
Financial Care

Helping seniors understand how to make the best choices for their lives and personal situations.


Court Accounting

Providing accounting, documentation and reporting to Trustors, Beneficiaries of the Trust or the Court.


Private Fiduciary

Marcia L. Campbell, CPA is relied upon by many to be responsible to manage the business and financial dealings of a trust, also known as a fiduciary.


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