California Trust Accounting: What Documents are Needed?

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When it comes to trust accounting, trustees are the people responsible for fulfilling this duty. In the Golden State, trustees are required to have an accurate account of a trust for beneficiaries yearly and if requested. Get the basics of trust accounting in California, find out what documents you will need, and understand when you will need trust accounting.


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The Basics of Trusting Accounting

Trust accounting is a record that includes information about all income and expenses of a trust. It’s important to keep track of information such as the inventory of trust property, copies of account statements, invoices, and receipts for accurate accounting. California trust accounting is an annual requirement, so it’s best to keep a detailed record of information all year long, so you have all you need on hand.


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California Trust Accounting Documents

Below is a list of information needed to complete a trust accounting

  • A statement of receipts and disbursements
  • A statement of assets and liabilities
  • A statement of trustee compensation
  • A description of any agents hired (CPAs, attorneys, etc)
  • A statement to petition for a court review of the accounting
  • A statement that claims against the trustee for breach of trust (may not be made after the expiration of three years from the date).

Occasions Where Trust Accounting is Required

Additionally, there are occasions when trust accounting is required as a means of maintaining the trust, or if requested. According to California Probate Code 16062, trustees must have an accounting for each beneficiary every year. Trustees are also required to have an accounting if there is a change of trustee or at the termination of the trust. Last but not least, trustees must have an accounting if a beneficiary asks for it in writing, and it must be completed within 60 days of asking. Having the above information will assist with a smoother California trust accounting


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