How To Help Elderly Clients in Less Than 15 Minutes

how-to-help-elderly-clients-in-less-than-15-minutesAs an attorney, you may be limited when it comes to assisting your elderly clients with financial matters outside your scope of work. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t help your client find the support they need. In fact, you could help your elderly clients in less than 15 minutes with a simple phone call!

Reaching Out for Help

An attorney was working on trust documents for an elderly client when he realized she needed additional financial assistance that he could not provide her. His client’s daughter lived out of state and did what she could for her mother, but she needed a trustworthy professional to help her mother when she could not be there. Eager to assist his client as best he could, the attorney contacted us, Marcia L. Campbell, CPA for help.

How We Assisted the Client

At the request of the attorney and daughter, we accompanied the client to the attorney’s office to review and sign legal documents for her estate. We took the time to make sure she understood some of the legal concepts, along with some explanations given by the attorney. We then accompanied the client to her banking and financial institutions to help her change the titles of her accounts to the trust name.

How We Continue to Assist the Client

The client’s daughter continues to help her mother with her finances by paying her mother’s bills through the internet and our office takes care of the client’s tax returns. We periodically visit the client to assist her when papers need to be signed, if checks need to be picked up and deposited into her accounts, or to simply check on the client on her daughter’s behalf. With the ongoing assistance from her daughter and Marcia L. Campbell, CPA, the client can rest assured that her financial needs are being well taken care of.

How Elder Care Financial Services Can Help

We understand that protecting their financial well-being is one of your clients’ primary concerns as they age. Trusted partnerships can help you further improve your service as an attorney. Together, working as a team, we can provide your elderly client with all the assistance they need!

Your senior clients will often require financial assistance that you simply cannot provide, but you can still help by referring them to a trustworthy professional who can provide financial support. If your clients need help with managing day-to-day income and expenses or their out-of-state children need help managing their parents’ finances, a simple phone call can help.

Refer your elderly clients to a professional who specializes in caring for the financial and personal needs of seniors and understands the importance of developing long-lasting relationships with clients and their families.

Contact us to find out how we can assist your elderly clients by calling +1 (951) 686-3608.

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