How to Help Your Clients Find The Financial Assistance They Need

how-to-help-your-clients-find-the-financial-assistance-they-needAs we age, our mental capacity to handle our own finances diminishes. You may notice your aging clients begin to have difficulty with relatively simple financial concepts, forget to pay their bills, or even misplace funds, and you may wonder how you can help protect their financial well-being.

If you suspect your elderly clients need assistance with managing their finances, refer them to a trusted professional who specializes in managing the finances of seniors.

Why Not Seek Help from Family?

While some seniors do get help from their children or another family member, there may be circumstances in which seeking help from family is not an option. Perhaps your clients do not have children or other family members that are able or willing to help. For example, if the child lives out of state, it can be very difficult to manage their parents’ finances from afar. 

An elderly couple in their late eighties had grown tired of their financial paperwork and became overwhelmed with managing their day to day finances. Their daughter knew that her parents needed help, but she was quite busy with a career and family of her own. Knowing that she could not adequately take on her parents’ finances, she decided to seek the professional assistance of a family office bookkeeper.

How We Assisted the Family

The family sought out Marcia L. Campbell, CPA for help with the couple’s finances. We took over paying their regular bills and began to monitor their income. Instead of inconveniencing their daughter, the couple was able to contact our office whenever they had concerns. We even brought in the appropriate services when they needed additional assistance in the house.

Confident that her parents were well taken care of, their daughter was able to focus on her career and her own family. Not only were her parents’ needs being met with the help of a family office bookkeeper, but they had zero complaints. Now, she could concentrate on being their loving daughter instead of their financial manager. 

How You Can Help

Even if your aging clients have close family around, family members may not be privy to the same financial information you have access to. You may realize that your client is having difficulty managing their finances long before their family becomes aware. It’s important to act promptly to avoid delinquent accounts and prevent loss of funds.

It’s no secret that the elderly are vulnerable to various financial scams, including identity theft and fraud. You can protect your clients from scam artists by recommending a trustworthy and ethical professional to assist them with managing their finances. As a CPA who specializes in caring for the financial and personal needs of seniors, we understand the importance of developing long-lasting relationships based on trust.

If your client has become overwhelmed or unable to properly manage their finances, help protect their financial well-being with Elder Care Financial Services. We will organize and review finances, manage day-to-day income and expenses, and coordinate with family members to ensure your client’s financial needs are being met.

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