How We Helped an Attorney Win Their Clients Estate Back

how-we-helped-an-attorney-win-their-clients-estate-backEstate law attorneys help their clients determine the specific distribution of their estate. They also provide counsel for those seeking to establish a trust where assets are set aside for a future beneficiary. Drafting wills, trusts and other estate planning documents is a large part of their job. However, in the event that a case goes to probate court, attorneys usually involve a trusted partner in the litigating.

Background on the Attorney’s Client

The client, Chris, was living with his mother in Riverside, California. The main reason for living with his mom was because she had severe dementia. He felt it was important to be around her, to make sure that she was okay. As her dementia worsened, Chris slowly took over his mom’s finances to pay her bills and run her errands for her. This went on for many years, without records or communication with his siblings.

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On the day Chris’ mother passed away, the other two siblings came back into the picture. Having pre-existing resentment for their brother, they were convinced Chris was leeching off of their mother.  Digging into their mother’s expenses, they noticed multiple expenses that were clearly not made by mom. For example, a recurring charge for an internet bill while mother did not even own a computer or cell phone. The other siblings had made up their mind that Chris got a lot more benefit from mom’s money before she died so, was no longer entitled to an equal share of the estate!

How the Attorney Dealt With the Problem

At this point there was no question, Chris needed to have professional court accounting done to try to mitigate the situation and fight for his share of his mother’s estate. Chris’ attorney knew that the court accountings were going to be incredibly complex and date back many years. It would take the attorney weeks to get it to balance for the court’s review.  This is when the attorney called Marcia L. Campbell to do the court accounting.

Marcia L. Campbell CPAs has been helping seniors with everything involved in the estate planning and probate court. The firm has extensive experience developing precise court accounting for conservatorships, guardianships, estates, and trusts. As a trusted partner, they help attorneys create balanced court accounting according to the probate code in question. Every attorney who has worked with them, know they can rely on them to provide an in-depth analysis of the financial details in question.

The Outcome of the Court Accountings

The team reviewed all the issues that the other siblings had brought up, and then some. It was the goal to do the court accounting and make sure that everything they could fight was “unfair” had something to counter it. For example, while Chris was not paying his mom rent, his mom was not paying Chris to take care of her. All the money the mother saved in healthcare costs, 24-in-home care, grocery delivery services, etc. offset each other.  

While the settlement did rule that Chris had “taken some money” from his mother, it was far less than the original estimated amount when the other siblings took him to court. Thanks to the court accounting, Chris was able to get his mother’s estate back and only needed to deduct a small portion to settle the difference.  

Working With Marcia L. Campbell CPA

Our team understands that court accountings are strictly mandated and even minor formatting errors can cause major delays. We provide the objective and reliable court accounting support you need to make the strongest case possible. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us.


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