Making Time for What You Love

Client: A was very involved in the community; she attended many meetings here in Riverside and in other cities. She also had friends and family all over the country and liked to travel. She was in her early seventies when her husband died. Her husband paid all of the bills, handled their bank accounts, managed their investments and handled their IRA accounts. He also coordinated the details of managing repairs and maintenance inside and outside of their house.

Client: A quickly discovered that while she was capable of handling all of this “stuff”, she really wanted to continue doing the community activities that she was good at and enjoyed. She asked us to help; however, she still wanted control. We met with her twice a month and brought a check register with written checks for her to sign. In addition, we brought the original bank statements, brokerage accounts and bills for her to review. We dealt with the cleaning service, pool man, gardener and repair service. She was happy that her “stuff” was being taken care of while she enjoyed doing the activities she liked most.

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