Marcia L. Campbell, CPA Awarded Champion of the Community Foundation

Marcia L. Campbell, CPA Awarded Champion of the Community FoundationMarcia L. Campbell, CPA, and her husband Frank Campbell, CLU, CLS, have received the “Champions” award by The Community Foundation for 2018.

About The Community Foundation

The Community Foundation is a charitable organization that aims to “strengthen inland Southern California through philanthropy.” Along with its partners, the organization raises, invests, and distributes charitable funds for civic and environmental benefits and to local nonprofit organizations in health and human services, youth and families, arts and culture, and education. The organization also provides community leadership by bringing together key stakeholders to determine community needs and develop collaborative solutions to important community issues. 

The Community Foundation partners with advisors like Marcia and Frank to help individuals and families achieve their charitable goals. Marcia and Frank were awarded “Champions” for their involvement within the organization, continuous referrals, and service to the local community. 

Professional Advisors Champion Award

According to The Community Foundation, professional advisors play a critical role in the success of their organization. An advisor must establish an endowment or a fund at the Foundation in their own name, or refer a client who establishes an endowment or fund, to receive the distinction of Professional Advisors Champion. Together, Marcia and Frank were essential in the establishment of a donor-advised fund by one of their joint clients.

“I was introduced to the Foundation early in my career as a CPA here in Riverside. I’ve continued to observe all the good being done by this exceptional organization. Talking to my clients about the Foundation is an easy discussion for me,” said Marcia.

Marcia is the principal of Marcia Campbell, CPA, the most experienced CPA firm in the Inland Empire to focus on the needs of seniors. Her firm provides a wide range of services that help better the lives of her clients.

Frank says, “The blessings we’ve received are not all ours to keep. It’s gratifying to be able to share some of them with our community.” Frank is the owner of Stratus Financial Partners. A licensed life and disability analyst, his primary focus is the review and certification of existing insurance portfolios.

About Marcia L. Campbell

Marcia is the owner of Marcia L. Campbell, CPA, the most experienced CPA firm in the Inland Empire specializing in working with seniors. Marcia is not only a licensed CPA, but she also is an AEP Accredited Estate Planner and CSA Certified Senior Advisor. Marcia and her team offer a wide range of support and financial management services, including bookkeeping services, fiduciary services, senior tax assistance, trust and court accounting, and professional trustee services. 

Marcia is dedicated not only to supporting local seniors but also to the local community as a whole. Her work with The Community Foundation allows her to use her special expertise to give back to the community in a unique way. 

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