Taking Care of Mom & Dad

Mr. and Mrs. E are in their late eighties. They have lived much longer than they anticipated and are now getting tired of their financial paperwork. Their daughter knew her parents needed help, but she also needed to manage her career while making time for her husband and kids. For those reasons, she asked us to help with her Mom and Dad’s financial responsibilities.

We started paying Mr. and Mrs. E’s regular bills and monitored their income. When they needed assistance in the house, we brought in the appropriate services. They were able to call our office instead of their daughter if they had concerns. Their daughter felt reassured her parents were being cared for while she took care of her own family. The best surprise for the daughter was that her parents’ needs were met and they had no complaints. When she visited her parents, it was a peaceful and comfortable experience for all of them. She could be the daughter and not the financial manager!

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