Why You Need A CPA That Can Help Through Every Stage of Life

Why You Need A CPA That Can Help Through Every Stage of Life

As we age and go through different life stages, certain complexities often present new financial challenges. You may find that you need support in managing your finances or assets as you transition jobs. Maybe your aging parents need you to act in their best interest or to help manage their finances. Or perhaps you need assistance with administering your own trust.

From tax returns to trust documents, it’s important to have professional support that you can trust to ensure your financial success throughout every stage of life. Marcia L. Campbell, CPA, has been this trusted advisor for all her clients, but this one client found the support he and his family needed for over 15 years!

How Marcia L. Campbell, CPA Helped Her Client with Both Trust Administration and Trust Accounting

TR, the client, initially found Marcia and her services after his parents had passed away. He required assistance with trust administration and trust accounting for his siblings. Like most adult children who lose a parent and are left with complicated trust matters, he wasn’t quite sure what he was getting into and ultimately turned to Marcia for help.

During TR’s initial meeting with Marcia, they discussed all the details surrounding his parents’ financials, including the trust, and their passing. There were many loose ends that needed tying. His parents’ house needed to be sold, he needed to get control of a brokerage account, he needed to file a final tax return, and distributions needed to be made. TR was also getting pressured by an impatient sibling who wanted his money as soon as possible*. Marcia provided the support and assistance TR needed to administer his parents’ trust.

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*Note: Under California Probate Code Section 16061.7, beneficiaries and heirs have a minimum of 120 days after they are given notice to contest the trust before assets can be distributed.

How Marcia Continued to Help the Client with Ongoing Tax Services

After that, TR began working with Marcia L. Campbell, CPA for all his personal accounting and tax returns needs. In fact, Marcia has been doing TR’s tax returns for just under two decades since 2000. TR’s life circumstances have changed over the years, but his support from Marcia and her team has remained steady.

Marcia began assisting TR with his personal tax needs while he was working for a large company. Around 7-8 years later, he left his job and began working for himself. During that time, Marcia prepared the necessary Schedule C tax forms each year until TR decided that he no longer wanted to run his own business. Marcia continued to assist TR with all his accounting and tax needs as he transitioned into volunteering his time, into his retirement, and even after his recent move to another state to be near his child and grandchildren.

How Marcia Can Help You and Your Family

A compassionate and experienced CPA, like Marcia L. Campbell, CPA, can provide the professional support you and your family need to navigate each phase of life. Every client has unique life circumstances to consider and an amazing story to tell.

We start every engagement by getting to know you, your history, and your goals for the future. Then, we assess your financial needs, so we can find ways to support you and your family for years to come.

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