Top Holiday Activities for Seniors to Try this Year

The holidays are upon us, which is the high tide of family togetherness every year. While having more active celebrations with friends and family is normal, it is important to remember to include your senior loved ones. Some elders have physical or mental impairments that could keep them from getting out and participating, and some may simply not have the energy to keep up. Here are holiday activities for seniors to try:

Decorate the House

Decorating is a great activity that everyone can enjoy. More importantly, it’s an opportunity for your senior loved ones to get moving. This activity can also bring everyone together without having to focus just on the conversation. 

For added fun, consider creating your decorations together. If your senior loved ones live alone, you should also help decorate their house with them. This is a great activity that will get them in the holiday spirit and remind them of cherished memories and traditions. 

When decorating, however, always keep their safety in mind by creating clear pathways and not obstructing lighting.

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Play Fun Holiday Games

Games are great holiday activities for seniors and an excellent way to bring your family together and have fun. There are countless holiday-themed games to choose from. 

Consider organizing a holiday-themed bingo night or even filling out a crossword puzzle. Things like charade night will also be a good opportunity for your elder loved ones to get more active, and trivia night can be a great way to engage their minds. 

Having a baking or cooking competition the whole family judges is also a great, competitive game the entire family can be a part of.

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Attend Local Events and Shows

The holidays are about more than family; they’re about community, too. For seniors, staying connected to their community is extremely important.

Taking your loved one to local events and shows is one of the best social holiday activities for seniors. Attend a local production or one of your children’s school performances with them. Going to see live music is also a great and nostalgic activity for seniors. 

Still, there are other events to attend with seniors during the holiday season for a chance to connect or reconnect with their community, like visiting a light display. Many towns and cities set up holiday lights and other holiday-themed displays for people to enjoy. 

Another good activity to consider is taking a drive to take in your local neighborhood lights and the lights of a neighborhood your elderly loved one has good memories of.

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Make a Family Recipe

Food brings all families together, which is why it is a central component of the holiday season. Every family has a unique culinary tradition that evokes fond memories and happy family feelings.

Making family recipes is a great way to bring back happy memories for seniors. From preparing the food together to enjoying it to passing down recipes to younger generations, making and indulging in food is one of the most timeless holiday traditions. 

Some seniors will also love this opportunity to show off their prowess, which could be a bonus of making an old family recipe.

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